Discover Straw in 3D


Hope you are enjoying your summer, 

After the heat of summer ends, autumn marks the beginning of the harvesting of Straw: the sun-filled material we use at Paulin Paris Studio.

We have devised a way to present to you a 2D or 3D visual rendering, which will be custom made for you to the exact dimensions of your room. This way you can see what you're getting before it's done!

After choosing your preferred Straw color, we work with you to find your favorite pattern and tile arrangement to illuminate you and your space. As always, our tiles are expertly handmade with the finest natural materials. They are shipped to you ready for installation, and each tile is numbered and signed. We also provide an additional layer of custom-printed fabric background to ensure flawless installation and easy removal from walls if ever you need to remove or re-use the tiles.

Email us now and start the process of transforming your living spaces by bringing in the radiance of Straw.

Template Straw Tile Sideways DR.jpg