Summer Art Event

Flowers Collection web 2.jpg

On Saturday, June 16th I will be co-hosting an art event called Summer Open Studios. This is a new art event held at Cordary Studios in Hawthorne, California. During this event, my studio, along with several of the artists in the community, will be open to the public. Enjoy mingling with the artists, talking with friends, looking at art, while sipping a drink. 

Participating artists include: Paulin Paris, Robert Wilhite, Carlotta Guerra, Sean McGaughey, Kate Hungerford, Terris Burris, Scott Meskill, and Iridium Interiors. 

Visit the Facebook event page for more information. 

During this event, I will be presenting the Flower Collection and a selection of artworks in The Magic Set. The Flower paintings are new works from 2018, and are spray painted and stenciled. I see those tools as a derivation process and a way to relate to fundamentals. Additionally, the Flower series links to art history, as these paintings offer a kind of metal cubism, shifting from one point of view to another.