Magical Art for Everyday

I am pleased to present Magical Art for EverydayThis video is a collaborative effort with creative director Yann Mallard. After the recovery from my eye surgery, my vision is better than ever, along with my desire to create visionary art for you.

The Artist is on the Magic Stage to present to you Magical Art for Everyday. Bring art around you, it's like fresh air!

Enjoy the show and share the magic!


The Artist is on the Magic Stage to present to you...

a Signature Wallpaper, a Chakra Spinner, the STRAW TILE, the BOUCHON Collection, the POWER WHEEL Collection, a Self Portrait painting, a BELLY CAST, and the BOND Venus!

A New Vision

Last month surgery was a complete success, beyond expectations, it is for me a new vision, I see now better than I ever did.Thank you so much for your support and confidence, it made all the difference.
During my recovery, I started a serie of “Flowers” paintings, a work done with spray paint and stencils. I see those tools as a way to relate to fundamentals, afterall they are the oldest techniques dating for the cave paintings.
“Flowers” are the direct result of a process, but from different points of view, including the leftovers. It's a creative dynamic that generate itself in different tonalities.
It's also the expression of a feeling of elation and gratitude for my vision that I wanted to share with you.

New Vision image.jpg

Palm Beach House

This past week Paulin Paris was invited to create a large-scale stencil motif for a beautiful home in Palm Beach, Florida. This hand-painted design was custom-made to fit the pattern perfectly even on each wall of the room. These stunning murals dress the walls of a home or industrial space with a flair of haute couture.

Click on the image for a closer look at the before and after images of the revitalized space!

Mural at Ecole Claire Fontaine

A new mural on the wall of the Ecole Claire Fontaine school in Venice, CA was created by Paulin Paris. The painting features an imaginative and fantastical world for children to be inspired and amazed while walking into the school grounds. This new children's scenic will soon be available at the Paulin Paris Boutique. 

View the murals in person at 352 Westminster Ave, Venice, CA 90291.