Fall Art Event


Dear Friends and Collectors, 

You are invited to step through the door into the realm of imagination! Join us on Saturday, December 1st at Cordary Studios in Hawthorne, CA. My studio, along with several of the artists in the community, will be open to the public. Enjoy mingling and talking with friends, looking at art, while sipping a drink. 

Participating studios include Paulin Paris, Robert Wilhite, Carlotta Guerra, and Iridium Interiors. 

See you there and bring your friends and family! Children are welcome!

13703 Cordary Ave, Hawthorne, CA, 90250 from 1 pm - 4pm on December 1st, 2018. 

Visit the Facebook event page 

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During this event, I will be presenting new drawings from 2018 along with a selection of artworks in The Magic Set. 

Straw Wall for a Beach House

Straw Wall 1.jpg

How much can a Straw Wall transform your space? 

We just created a Straw Wall for a contemporary modern Beach house in Marina Del Rey. From conception to installation, the Straw Wall illustrates the powerful presence of this natural material and it's ability to bring radiance into any space.

Every Straw Wall is custom to fit your unique project. With our assistance you will choose from a wide variety of tile patterns and Straw colors.Then each Straw Tile is then made by hand, following the antique savoir faire of the Straw Marquetry technique.

The result is a radiant presence of an ever-changing light, bringing a new tangible value to the whole space. There is nothing else like Straw.

Call or email to start discussing your project:

Telephone: (310) 644-3709

email: studio@paulinparis.com

Summer Collection

Summer Collection Image 1.jpg

Dear Friends and Collectors, 

Summer is a time of carefree fun, of summer holidays and of family get-togethers. It is also the time of romance, new beginnings and infinite potential. It is during this time that we relive our childhoods and reclaim the part of ourselves in which Summer lives on forever. 

The Summer Collection embraces all of these attributes and celebrates the essence of the season. Order now for a special price until the end of Summer, September 22nd!

Discover Straw in 3D


Hope you are enjoying your summer, 

After the heat of summer ends, autumn marks the beginning of the harvesting of Straw: the sun-filled material we use at Paulin Paris Studio.

We have devised a way to present to you a 2D or 3D visual rendering, which will be custom made for you to the exact dimensions of your room. This way you can see what you're getting before it's done!

After choosing your preferred Straw color, we work with you to find your favorite pattern and tile arrangement to illuminate you and your space. As always, our tiles are expertly handmade with the finest natural materials. They are shipped to you ready for installation, and each tile is numbered and signed. We also provide an additional layer of custom-printed fabric background to ensure flawless installation and easy removal from walls if ever you need to remove or re-use the tiles.

Email us now and start the process of transforming your living spaces by bringing in the radiance of Straw.


Template Straw Tile Sideways DR.jpg

Summer Art Event

Flowers Collection web 2.jpg

On Saturday, June 16th I will be co-hosting an art event called Summer Open Studios. This is a new art event held at Cordary Studios in Hawthorne, California. During this event, my studio, along with several of the artists in the community, will be open to the public. Enjoy mingling with the artists, talking with friends, looking at art, while sipping a drink. 

Participating artists include: Paulin Paris, Robert Wilhite, Carlotta Guerra, Sean McGaughey, Kate Hungerford, Terris Burris, Scott Meskill, and Iridium Interiors. 

Visit the Facebook event page for more information. 

During this event, I will be presenting the Flower Collection and a selection of artworks in The Magic Set. The Flower paintings are new works from 2018, and are spray painted and stenciled. I see those tools as a derivation process and a way to relate to fundamentals. Additionally, the Flower series links to art history, as these paintings offer a kind of metal cubism, shifting from one point of view to another. 

Magical Art for Everyday

I am pleased to present Magical Art for EverydayThis video is a collaborative effort with creative director Yann Mallard. After the recovery from my eye surgery, my vision is better than ever, along with my desire to create visionary art for you.

The Artist is on the Magic Stage to present to you Magical Art for Everyday. Bring art around you, it's like fresh air!

Enjoy the show and share the magic!


The Artist is on the Magic Stage to present to you...

a Signature Wallpaper, a Chakra Spinner, the STRAW TILE, the BOUCHON Collection, the POWER WHEEL Collection, a Self Portrait painting, a BELLY CAST, and the BOND Venus!

A New Vision

Last month surgery was a complete success, beyond expectations, it is for me a new vision, I see now better than I ever did.Thank you so much for your support and confidence, it made all the difference.
During my recovery, I started a serie of “Flowers” paintings, a work done with spray paint and stencils. I see those tools as a way to relate to fundamentals, afterall they are the oldest techniques dating for the cave paintings.
“Flowers” are the direct result of a process, but from different points of view, including the leftovers. It's a creative dynamic that generate itself in different tonalities.
It's also the expression of a feeling of elation and gratitude for my vision that I wanted to share with you.

New Vision image.jpg

Palm Beach House

This past week Paulin Paris was invited to create a large-scale stencil motif for a beautiful home in Palm Beach, Florida. This hand-painted design was custom-made to fit the pattern perfectly even on each wall of the room. These stunning murals dress the walls of a home or industrial space with a flair of haute couture.

Click on the image for a closer look at the before and after images of the revitalized space!

Mural at Ecole Claire Fontaine

A new mural on the wall of the Ecole Claire Fontaine school in Venice, CA was created by Paulin Paris. The painting features an imaginative and fantastical world for children to be inspired and amazed while walking into the school grounds. This new children's scenic will soon be available at the Paulin Paris Boutique. 

View the murals in person at 352 Westminster Ave, Venice, CA 90291.